Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Michigan Ballot Proposals

I couldn't do any better than my friend "The Shekel" on his blog.

I completely agree with his assessments.

Additionally, Proposal 3 (which would establish a dove hunting season in Michigan) is being used as a vehicle by radical animal-rights groups to gain a foothold in Michigan with the stated goal of eliminating all hunting here.

Unlike The Shekel, I am a hunter and I would like to pass on this heritage to my kids. I came to it late, but I enjoy it immensely (even when I don't see any game!) These nutballs with their strange ideas about the order of nature constitute a very small minority of the population, yet they get big backing from Hollywood leftists to try to spread this, well, bravo sierra. (You haven't heard Harrison Ford sitting in New York but hearing the zebras?)

I make note here of the difference between an environmentalist and a conservationist. An environmentalist elevates nature above all else, including humanity. They give "rights" to creatures who are not intellegent, who cannot reason, and whose sole purpose is to be a part of the food chain. That is - to be eaten.

A conservationist recognizes that one must protect the natural resources we have been given, and that a part of this is to preserve the hunting and fishing heritage of our country. This does not mean that a conservationist is for all-out hunting whenever the mood strikes without bag limits. Indeed, a conservationist is appalled, for instance, at the buffalo hunts of the late 19th century, which were examples of waste and over-hunting.

So the choice is clear: continue to preserve a great American tradition and a moral, responsible caretaking of our wildlife, or the introduction of irresponsibility and a completely false view of nature and our place in it.

So vote Yes on 3, preserve a great heritage, and kick the neo-communists out of town.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Fed-up conservatives disloyal?

As the Sean Hannity's and Rush Limbaugh's of the world would have you believe, if you are conservative and are not voting republican you are somehow "cut-and-run republicans" who don't care a whit about the future of the country, because of all the evils that are going to happen with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

I have bought into this line myself in the past, most recently at the last Presidential election. I voted for W for one reason: Supreme Court Justices. So now I have a couple more conservative justices on the court. I also have a government that is more intrusive into my private affairs than ever before without due process of law (namely the so-called "PATRIOT Act"), a government that while under the "control" of Republicans has increased the deficit and debt to levels that Howard Dean would never in his wildest dreams thought possible, and generally made the future bleak for everyone in the country regardless of their political bent. I have to say I don't think it was worth it.

And they have the gall to call themselves Conservative?

So now I fall back on the philosophy of Ronald Reagan as he related to the Soviets: Trust but Verify. (Does anyone see the irony in that statement?) Or perhaps a modification of the old saw "Fool me once, shame on you", only for me the ending phrase will be "Fool me twice and I'll never vote for you or your party again"

So for all you true conservatives, consider how many times you have been ignored once these neo-con's bagged your vote. Consider how many times the issues that mean the most to you have been either ignored or actively opposed. Then consider how much loyalty you owe these people.