Monday, September 27, 2010

Tackling Technique 201

I wouldn't say this is Basic Tackling Technique, but when you are trying to bring down one if the best running backs in the NFL, you have to bring in the more advanced stuff, as Kyle Vanden Bosch demonstrates (from The Detroit News, 9/27/10):

Monday, September 20, 2010

College Football Humor (at the expense of Ohio State)

Saw this article at the ESPN website today:

Ohio U apologizes to Ohio State, fans

Associated Press
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio University has apologized to Ohio State and its fans after the school's Bobcat mascot tackled the Brutus Buckeye mascot, touching off an impromptu wrestling match before Saturday's game at Ohio Stadium.
In addition, the student who was dressed in the Bobcat costume has been banned from any further affiliation with Ohio athletics.

The Bobcat first went after Brutus as the OSU mascot led the Buckeyes onto the field for the game.
Moments later, the Bobcat mascot climbed on the back of Ohio State's mascot and rode him to the ground. The two then tussled in the end zone while fans booed.

An e-mail sent by Ohio's assistant athletic director for media relations, Jason Corriher, said the department does not condone such behavior and regretted the negative effect of the mascot's actions on the relationship between the two schools.

Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press
I have to say I'm taking the side of the Bobcat on this one (while laughing hysterically!)  I'm sure the sheer size of the cranium of that mascot leads to some serious instability, resulting in an easy takedown by opposing mascots.  Reminds me of this:

EDITED TO ADD:  Here's the footage from someone's cell phone camera.  Notice right at the beginning the OU mascot tries to tackle the OSU mascot and kind of whiffs.  Then the chase begins:

9/22 Update:  ESPN has found the Bobcat!  Here is the interview:

The guy has planned this for over a year!  Too funny!

Friday, September 10, 2010

On 9/11/10

Thinking about and remembering 9/11/01 this week and this weekend.  Here is a terrific post about it.

This one is me from 2008.

Folks - don't ever forget.  Even amidst the PC claptrap you are inundated with daily about the "Religion of Peace", don't ever forget.  And don't forget those who are enablers (or worse) in high places.  Remember to take them out of their high places with your votes.

Friday, September 03, 2010

It was the 3rd of September...

In honor of my old boss, Gene Patterson, who used to sing this song every Sept. 3, I give you "The Temptations".