Thursday, September 15, 2016

To the Flint Pastor who interrupted Trump

You invited a Presidential candidate in the midst of a campaign to speak at your church and you expected a non-political speech?  Really?  

I bet you wouldn't have interrupted if it was Obama speaking at your church. Or Hillary. Or Shotgun Joe Biden. 

To all the "conservative" pundits...

I keep hearing you talking up Trump  and decrying Obamacare (you're right) saying we have to repeal it (so far so good). But in the next breath you say "and replace it". 

Now to an actual conservative like me there is a big unstated finish to that sentence that says "with another government healthcare program that we republicans made up."  And to any real conservative that would be anathema. 

How about this:  replace it with NOTHING. The problem with healthcare is too much government meddling and any new program from the government is another opportunity for waste, fraud, abuse, bureaucracy and mismanagement (in short, the VA) which is exactly what we don't need. 

If you want to talk tort reform and getting rid of frivolous lawsuits I'm all ears. If you want to talk about ways to get the government out of the way of creativity and innovation in this sector I'll join right in. But if you want Trumpcare or Republicare instead of Obamacare, you are no better than the cabal that brought that monstrous thing to us in the first place. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Second Shift means never having a normal life

I have been working a second shift job all summer (one reason why I haven't posted here at all), and I can truly say I have no life any more.  I leave at 3pm, don't get back until 2am, and I get up around 10am. Often there is no one here since everyone else's life is still on a day shift schedule and they are going to work or school or something.

It feels like my life is work, sleep, eat, repeat.  And sometimes cut the grass.