Friday, February 12, 2010

Asian Carp and Strange Bedfellows

That moving of the earth you folks in Chicago this week was not, as some have expressed, an earthquake. Actually, it was caused by me agreeing with environmentalist wackos, as expressed in this headline in today's Detroit News: "Environmental groups say plan to fight asian carp not enough".

This invasive species is a huge threat to the economy of the Great Lakes, yet the fedgov (read Obama. Where is he from again? Oh yeah, CHICAGO) and the Governors of Illinois and Indiana oppose the only sure way to keep them out of Lake Michigan (and every other lake, river, and stream that connects to it), which is closing the locks of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship canal.

We are talking tens of billions of dollars in economic impact to Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Not to mention the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. And yet we can't shut the damned doors.

I'm happy to consider other solutions, but close the damned doors first. That will give us time to figure out what those other solutions are, without sacrificing the economies of the states and provinces already mentioned.

The Governess has a budget proposal?

It appears that Governess Granholm has a budget proposal out, and she has been making the rounds in the media to try to explain it and garner support.

I have to ask - after seven years of tax increases and fiscal ineptitude from the Granholm administration, why should any taxpayer in Michigan believe that she has any answers at all to the problems Michigan is facing?

This thing should be rejected posthaste.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Granholm: "Budget process broken"

I have been chewing on this statement from the Governess' "State of the State" speech this week, and I think in a sense she is right. But not the way she thinks she is. What really needs to happen, at all levels of government, is that politicians need to let go of the idea that government exists to solve every problem and meet every need (real or imagined).

For instance - do we really need a "Pure Michigan" campaign funded by the state government? If we didn't tax the life out of businesses, a private organization like the Chamber of Commerce could have done something like this very easily, out of the dues its members pay or out of a special fund that businesses could contribute to. Gee, that would create jobs for marketing people, publicity people, graphic artists, TV and radio production people, etc. All without spending one penny of tax dollars.

In this era of declining tax revenues, shrinking tax bases, and high unemployment, the conversation needs to be about what do we really need to have government do for us, not how we can preserve what we have and expand it at every turn, and squeeze more money out of our citizens to do it with. Let's see...Department of Commerce? Delete. Department of Education? Delete. Department of Labor and Economic Growth? Delete. Department of Natural Resources? Radically downsize (we do need to keep the Asian carp out, after all).

Wow - I'll bet that's a couple billion right there!