Thursday, February 23, 2012

Romney = More Big Government

Yes, the Republicans have come to Michigan - well, at least Romney and Santorum have.  Therefore, the "vote for me" ads are now saturating the airwaves.

Mitt Romney has one that talks about how Santorum admits he's no longer a deficit hawk and thinks earmarks are a great thing, and we should vote for Mitt because he will get rid of Obamacare, and his test to see if we need to keep a Federal program will be "whether we are willing to borrow money from China to pay for it".

Umm, excuse me Mr. Romney, but isn't it borrowing that has gotten us into the economic mess we're in in the first place?  You're telling me that you are willing to continue to saddle future generations of Americans with huge debt loads?  That's your great plan for reforming the government?  Mr. Romney, that isn't reforming government, that's more of the same.

If your ad is truly reflective of Santorum (which I doubt), then all you have done is prove to me that you are as clueless as he is about what the problems are in DC, and you have no vision for solving them.  Why would I vote for that?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another example of economically challenged Socialist Democrat thinking

Perusing an article in The Detroit News today reporting that Chrysler is pulling out of talks with the fedgov for several billion dollars in new loans to pay for retooling to produce more energy efficient cars.  It appears that Chrysler is tired of the fedgovs foot-dragging and haggling over the amount of the loans and will finance the retooling themselves out of their own resources.  (Full article here)  To which I say:  Bravo Chrysler!

It seems that the original loan request (in 2008) was for over $8 billion, and the last number for the loans (from early 2012) was reported in the article to be under $2 billion.  The article also mentioned that epic failures of fedgov handouts to companies like Solyndra were a factor in the administrations delays and reductions, especially in an election year.  No surprise there!

Then, reading on, I notice that Michigan's own Sen. Debbie Stabenow was quoted from Jan. 2011 saying the projects Chrysler was working on would save 520 million gallons of gasoline between 2011 and 2015.  And I got to thinking:  How much is 520 million gallons of gasoline?  It sounds like an impressive number, but is it really? tells me that the percentage of gasoline that can be extracted from a given volume of crude oil varies based on the amount of sulphur in the oil, but the best case seems to be around 50%, so it takes 2 gallons of crude to make 1 gallon of gasoline.  So its 1.04 billion gallons of oil to make that 520 million gallons of gasoline.

So then - how many gallons of crude oil does a tanker hold?  Off to Wikipedia for that one.  The largest tankers in the world, the TI Class, hold about 130 million gallons of crude.  So it's 8 trips of one of those tankers to reach the 1.04 billion gallon mark.  Use the largest vessel for the most economic method of transport.

Our friend Democrat Debbie spreads that out over five years, so that's 208 million gallons of crude per year, or less than 2 tankers full of crude oil which would be saved per year by all this federal largesse.  2 Tankers full of oil.  2 tankers.  OK - 1.6 tankers, to be precise.

Friends, this is why socialists should never, ever be put in positions of power. Because to support this kind of spending means one of two things, ultimately:  either they can't do simple math to find out if something they want to do is economically feasable.  Or, they have another agenda in place, to which the economic realities of the universe are secondary.  Well, I suppose there could be a third option:  they're just stupid.

Hmmm.  Wonder which one it might have been here for ol' Democrat Debbie?

Edited to Add a little more math (2/17/12):   At the $3.119/gal price I saw on the sign coming in to work today, that would be $1.6 billion in gas saved over 5 years (520 million times 3.119).  At $3.50/gal it's $1.8 billion.  So the socialists in DC were going to spend anywhere from 2 to 8 billion dollars to save 1.6 to 1.8 billion.  You math-whiz types - tell me if this is a good return on investment or not?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thank You, Carlos Guillen

Sports Post:  Yesterday it was made official - Carlos Guillen is no longer a Detroit Tiger, after signing a minor-league contract with the Seattle Mariners, the team he broke in with.

Carlos - you were terrific.  You played with heart and passion and you showed up every day.  You didn't whine and complain, you just went out and played where they put you.  And I will always smile when I think of you completely getting into Jeff Weaver's head last year when you hit the homer off him.  That was just wonderful!

I hope your body lets you have a full season this year - if anyone deserves it, it's you.  Thanks for wearing the 'D' with pride and professionalism.