Monday, April 02, 2012

First Tigers post of the new season

  1. Congratulations to Drew Smyly, who won the battle to be the 5th starter in the pitching rotation.  He brings a much needed left-handed arm to the rotation, and will be considered a success if he can win 10-15 games this year, and keep his team in the game consistently.  Outpitched a couple of guys that were drafted a lot higher than he was.  Just keep it simple and throw strikes, buddy!  There's a lot of firepower to back you up on this team!
  2. Brandon Inge.  Count me as one of those who has always hoped he would have more seasons like he did in 2006.  But I have come to realize that as much as I like him, it's time for him to retire, as he doesn't hit well enough to deserve a roster spot.  He has been a consistent .200 to .220 hitter for his whole career, and his defense isn't enough to overcome his lack of offense.  Danny Worth has outplayed him and deserves the spot.  The Tigers were willing to eat Inge's salary last year, and I expect they will be this year too.