Friday, June 12, 2009

Reunion with an old frield

This was an extremely unexpected reunion, and a happy one at that.

In 1986 I bought a S&W Model 10-6 revolver as surplus from the Michigan State Police, after they transitioned to Sig 226's. This one seemed to have been a "carried much, shot little" gun, as there was a little holster wear, but everything else was in really nice shape. It was my first handgun, and it was a bit of a memento, as my Dad was a Sgt. in MSP at the time. It wasn't *his* gun, but it was *like* his. It looks pretty much like this one:

Well, this gun followed me through several moves, until about 1995 when my house was broken into by 3 juveniles, and the gun was stolen, along with some cash and jewelry. They left my .22 rifles and took the revolver! They caught the jerks soon after, but the Detective couldn't get them to tell him who they sold the gun to.

I never expected to see the gun again, but yesterday I got home and in the mail was a letter from the Police Department Property Division. I was bewildered for a moment, and then thought "I wonder if they found my gun", and sure enough, it was a notice to come and get your stolen gun!

I still had the original registration and bill of sale, so I hustled downtown on my lunch hour today and picked it up. It was a little worse for wear, and has some surface rust and other gunk on it, but it still seems to be in decent shape. I rubbed some oil on it, just because I couldn't stand for it to be sitting there uncared for for another minute, and I'll do a detail strip and clean this weekend.

It turns out the gun was recovered in 98, and has been sitting there waiting for the detectives to sign off on it. There seemed to be a case pending that was finally resolved and they could release it - I think that is what the officer told me.

So it was joy mixed with a little sadness that this gun had lain so long uncared for in the property room. But at least it's back in caring hands now!

6/23 update: Further inspection of the action revealed NO RUST! And the gunk on the outside seemed to be mildew from sitting in the property room for so long. The rear of the cylinder looks to have been scraped or ground on (why, I have no idea) but there are no major injuries to the old girl. I took it out to the range Sunday afternoon and shot a bunch of my wadcutter reloads through it, and it is just as accurate as you would expect an old school 4-inch Smith and Wesson revolver to be, holding inside the 3 inch circle at 25 yards when I did my part. I am so glad this gun is back in my safe! Now, a nice Hogue monogrip will finish it out for me. Next payday.