Thursday, November 16, 2006


"Our strong inclination would be to avoid tax hikes. That's pretty universal. That shows the pragmatism of the Democratic Party. Even the most liberal people said 'No,we shouldn't go for tax hikes.' So we are going to try to avoid it." ---Chuck Schumer

I'm having a flashback to Bill "I tried harder than I ever tried in my life" Clinton.

Hey Chuckie - do you honestly expect us to believe this? Do you honestly think we believe you and your fellow Democrats have the least shred of integrity? (let alone pragmatism).

Dear reader, you are a fool if you believe anything a democrat says. Remember the old axiom about what a politician is doing when he is moving his lips!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-Election 2006

Still formulating complete thoughts on the election results. Here are a couple of short takes that are still in the developmental stage.

  1. Will Republicans get the message of these elections? Conservative principles are what got you into office in the first place, and when you abandoned them, you lost.
  2. We don't always get the government we want, but we always get the government we deserve. Here in Michigan, we are last or nearly last in every meaningful economic category, yet we elected a liberal democrat to a second term. A liberal democrat who has done nothing to improve anything here in her first term. I was willing to give her a little bit of a pass for the first half of her administration, as the State budget was not constructed for the economic downturn she got when she took over. All she could really do was cut, and she did. But she had no realistic plan, and she still doesn't - just more socialist utopian drivel that has been proven not to work. Good luck with that, madam Governess. It won't work here any better than it does in France. Or Canada where you came from.
  3. The educational state of the American electorate is sinking fast. We don't understand basic economics and we don't understand history. Therefore, we make stupid choices. Neither one is difficult to grasp, yet it seems to be beyond many of those who actually vote. God help the USA - he's the only one who can, now.