Monday, February 20, 2017

Know your enemy

An article by Gabriel Suarez, a man who grew up in Castro's Cuba. My only (minor) quibble is his use of the term "soft communism" to describe much of what we see today. My contention is that there is NO soft communism, only different faces and masks of the  core of evil that communism is. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

They can really stand there with a straight face and say this stuff?

Reading with some interest about the Senate debate over the Jeff Sessions nomination as Attorney General of the United States, and I came across this statement by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who we most recently saw standing alongside Hillary Rodham Clinton in her failed bid to prolong her political career:
"Any attorney general must be able to stand firm for the rule of law even against the powerful executive that nominated him or her. In this administration I believe that independence is even more necessary"
And I had to stop and look again.  Did he really say that?  After eight years of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch not standing up to the extra-constitutional shenanigans of Barack Obama, Tim Kaine steps onto the floor of the Senate and has the gall to say this? And indeed, beyond those two not doing their jobs, if you felt this way Senator, where were you when Barack Obama was trampling on the constitutional rights of the citizens you purportedly represent?  Why weren't YOU holding that powerful executive accountable for his lawlessness?

There were no reports of Sen. Kaine's tongue bursting into flame after this utterance, so I guess God was in a merciful mood today.

Thankfully, Mr. Sessions was confirmed despite the complete lack of conscience shown by Mr. Kaine during the debate. 

Thursday, February 02, 2017

On a cold day in February, it's important to remember...

Pitchers and catchers report to Lakeland, FL on Feb. 14th!  Tigers Baseball begins anew!

Today it was 21 degrees here in my little corner of Michigan, with 25 MPH wind gusts.  I need facts like that to get me through this month, especially since my job keeps me outside all day.

Thinking of the greenest grass you ever saw, and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs and beer.  Of clean white home uniforms and the duller grey or blue of the away togs in the bright afternoon sun.  Brown or red dirt on the infield, white chalk foul lines and yellow foul poles presiding over the limits of the field, and the smack of baseballs leaping off of bats and settling into gloves.  It's all closer than you think, and the thought of it gets you through when the cold wind wants to strip the skin off your face.  Baseball's coming.  The trucks are already hauling the gear south.  In two weeks it will have already started.  You can get through two weeks, right?

I can't wait.