Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tigers news: Victor Martinez out for the season

What a kick in the teeth - this guy was money for Detroit last season, and tough as nails.  The perfect guy to hit behind Miguel Cabrera.  So now the question is who takes his place?  Here is the list that the Detroit News came up with, with their 2011 stats:

Carlos Pena, Cubs, .225, 28, 80
Vladimir Guerrero, Orioles, .290, 13, 63
Johnny Damon, Rays, .261, 16, 73
Prince Fielder, Brewers, .299, 38, 120
Yoenis Cespedes (NA)
Carlos Guillen, Tigers, .232, 3, 13

I tell you, if I'm the opposing manager, the only guy I don't walk Cabrera to get to is Fielder.  Maybe Guerrero.  Those other guys hitting behind Cabrera means you are losing a ton of offense, especially since you are then counting on guys like Worth, Inge, and Kelly to be big RBI guys, which they have never been.  The only proven reliable hitter they have in the lineup after the 5-hole would be Delmon Young.  I might still walk Cabrera to get to Young, but I have to think a lot harder about it.

Fielder is an interesting thought even as a 1-year rental.  Since they both play the same position, you could split the defensive tasks between Cabrera and Fielder, and they might both be a little fresher come playoff time.  They both play every day, just one or the other of them plays defense.

I know - that's a crazy and expensive scenario.  But interesting.  And you don't waste a season plugging in utility guys in that spot.  You have to figure VMart's salary this year is covered by insurance, so you might give Fielder 10 or 12 million on a 1-year deal for a shot at the World Series if no one else signs him.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sugar Bowl proves UM a fraud

Once again, UM shows the world what a fraud they are and how undeserving they were of a BCS bowl bid.  Less than 200 yards of total offense?  Are you kidding me?  Va. Tech handled you guys, but couldn't handle themselves.  Any team with a decent defense can stop the supposedly Heisman-worthy Denard Robinson (as Michigan State has proved 2 years in a row).  There are a couple of nice players there, but please - UM is living on its reputation (which the current crop of guys did nothing to deserve) and nothing else.  They didn't beat anyone substantial and got handled by the better teams they faced.