Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Foolish Pro-Lifers in US House

Full disclosure: I am an unabashed, full-on, no holds barred, committed pro-life voter. I am not a single-issue voter, but pro-life is one of my litmus tests.

Having said that, I must comment on the foolishness exhibited by the pro-life caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives this past weekend. It was typified by the email I got from "Americans United for Life", whose email alerts I subscribe to. They were crowing about a great victory they had won over pro-abortion factions in the House, as the Stupak et.al. amendment was passed as part of the onerous and misnamed "Health Care Reform Bill" approved this past weekend.

It seems to me that the best way for them to have been true to their position was to kill the Bill entirely. That way current federal law prohibiting funding of abortions would have remained in effect. But apparently, in order to make a headline and to appear effective, they achieved a Pyrrhic victory (which will be undone in conference), while giving some pro-life democrats the political cover they needed to be able to vote for the bill without offending their pro-life constituencies.

Given the fact that this bill passed by only 3 votes, it will be a costly victory for them in the end, both politically and in human lives.

So way to go you knuckleheads - you just made it a whole lot easier for the president and his cadre to roll back three decades of work. Just so you could thump your chest a little. I'm sure those babies that might have had a chance for life will give you all the thanks you deserve when you meet them in heaven.

Oh, and I unsubscribed from "Americans United for Life". However, since they didn't seem to have a "Comments" link, I couldn't tell them why. Oh well.