Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One thing I'd like to see...

Given the daily reports and videos of the peaceful, tolerant, understanding, benevolent Antifa thugs beating the crap out of some poor schmuck because he's perceived to be a Trump supporter, what I would love to see sometime is to have one of these thugs pick on someone who is an MMA guy or a 5th degree black belt in some martial art, and have the tables totally turned on him. You know it would go viral very quickly on social media.

Yeah.  That would be completely worth watching.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

So now that the Tigers are out of it...

The question I'm asking myself is "Who do you keep and who do you get rid of for next year?"

Position Players
Mahtook, CF.  He's played way above expectations and deserves to return as the starter next year.
Cabrera, 1B.  You have to keep him because of his contract, but confound it Miggy, you have to find a way to get your back fixed this offseason.
McCann, C. Still developing, and playing better of late.  Best of the bunch between Hicks and Holaday.
Romine, OF/IF.  Fills the role that Don Kelly used to, only he hits a lot better.  Useful guy.
Upton, LF.  If he wants to stay, keep him.  He's been the most consistent hitter on the team since last August.

Kinsler, 2B.  If you can get something for him, do it.  Seems to have hit the age barrier and performance seems to be declining.
Castellanos, 3B.  Defense has regressed, probably better at first base going forward, but unless Cabrera moves to DH, it won't be in Detroit that this happens.
Iglesias, SS.  Machado seems to be ready to go here, and is a lot cheaper.  Get what you can.

Fence Guys:
Assorted pieces and parts, keep or package as needed for depth or prospects.
Adduci, Pressley.

V. Martinez, DH.  God bless him, he's been a great Tiger and a great hitter, but the legs are gone and he's just a singles hitter now.  The shift has been his downfall.  Give him a coaching job, make him a scout, or put him in the front office, but his body has given out on him.

Fulmer, SP.  New #1 guy, someone you build a staff around.  Only trade for multiple spectacular players.
Saupold, RP.  Found his niche as a long man and has done really well this year.
Greene, RP.  Only thing resembling a closer on the roster right now.  Eventually the closer will be Jiminez, but not yet.
Jiminez, RP.  Just needs to pitch in the bigs.  Nothing left to prove in the minors.
Zimmerman, SP.  Going nowhere because of the money he is owed, but he needs to find himself next year.
Norris, SP.  Another guy that needs to find himself, but too much talent to let go of.
Boyd, SP.  Just needs to pitch in the bigs.  Probably a 3rd or 4th starter long-term.
Bell, RP.  Another guy who is doing well in the long relief role
Stumpf, RP.  Has shown some progress since returning from the minors.

On the Fence:
Rondon, RP.  Big arm, no maturity.  Has to show up to camp in shape and ready to rock or he gets cut.
Wilson, RP.  Another guy who needs to find himself.  Still has potential.
Verlander, SP.  Never thought this day would come, but he deserves to go to a contender and get a championship.  I just hope it isn't the Yankees he goes to.  Must bring a big haul of prospects wherever he goes.

Sanchez, SP.  Whatever he may have found earlier, he has lost again.  Time to let him go.

Lots of roles left after this list, particularly Right field, but there's some guys waiting to step in and some other guys that will be on the market for cheap trying to revive their careers.

One big question left:  Manager.  I always liked Ausmus as a player, but I don't see any fire in these guys.  Jim Leyland used to instill it, but you haven't seen it since Ausmus has been here.  Everyone's cool, calm, collected.  "That's baseball" is a common refrain - "nothing you can do about it.  Just show up tomorrow and start over".  No grit.  No toughness.  No fire.  I say find someone who will light a fire under these guys.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Beautiful Stained Glass

Was at my nephew's wedding recently and saw this beautiful stained glass window above the altar.
It's a little fuzzy, and not as bright as it was in person, but it was the best my old iPod Touch could do.  Still, it's a very moving piece of art.