Friday, April 20, 2007

Great Ways to ruin your meal

1. While eating dinner at a local restaurant with your family and celebrating your wife's birthday, happen to glance up at one of the TV's placed every 24 inches around the perimeter of the dining room to see Bill Clinton holding forth on why it was wrong to fire 8 federal prosecutors. Bonus ruin points for ranting about it to your wife while she was enjoying her meal.

2. While crunching your granola at breakfast, turn on the radio to hear that Sen. Harry Reid has declared the Iraq war lost, and "The Surge" a failure (about 30 seconds after it started). Dump granola down drain as you now can't stomach anything from the wrenching in your gut you got from hearing Harry Reid. Side note: I thought you Nevada folks had more sense than to send a doofus like this to Washington. A recall election would go a long way toward remedying this negative impression. Or you could what SoDak did to Tom Daschle and vote the, umm, uhh, guy out. When is his term up, anyway?

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