Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I couldn't help laughing...

Once again The Paul W. Smith Show provides fodder for my blog. Regular readers (all three of you!) will recall my penchant for listening to Paul on WJR radio in the mornings while performing my morning rituals. Today it wasn't one of Paul's guests that struck me, it was one of Paul's advertisers.

The commercial was one critical of Senator Carl Lenin, err, uhh, excuse me, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI). It started out saying how proud we were of Sen. Levin when he opposed the war in Iraq. "This ought to be interesting" thought I, while rolling my eyes a little.

Then, the commercial went on to say how the good Senator has now strayed from the path of goodness and light (my words) because he was one of only a handful of Senate democrats to vote against the bill to impose a timetable on a pullout from Iraq. This perked my attention and stopped the eyerolling. "Who is daring to criticize Carl Levin for that?"

They finished up by imploring listeners to contact Senator Levin and tell him that most Michiganders are opposed to the war and to tell him he should continue to oppose the evil George Bush and his evil war. I listened expectantly, almost impatiently, to see who it was that would treat poor Carl so. And then came the answer: "Sponsored by MoveOn.org"

I couldn't help myself -- I burst out laughing! Welcome to the vast right-wing conspiracy, Carl! Glad to have you aboard! I never thought you had it in you.

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Me said...

Yeah, the MoveOn losers are biting the hands that fed them here in the DC area too. I suspect that they think that they are more powerful than they actually are, and I predict that they'll come to regret that they chose to alienate their former supporters like this