Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Aquisitions

Unfortunately, no pictures. However, 2 new rifles have joined the collection.

Rifle #1 is a very nice Enfield No. 4 Mk.2F, made in 1953. Beautiful wood, lots of finish remaining, and the micrometer sight. Cal. .303 British.

Rifle #2 is the real prize - a Winchester-made M1 Carbine, 1.1 million serial number, and lots of what appear to be original Winchester parts. I'm very excited to find out more about this little beaut.

Now I get to buy some M1 Magazines, a bolt tool, and a trigger spring tool so I can give it a deep cleaning! I love the smell of Hoppes #9!


Aaron said...

Congrats and I hope you enjoy them and use them well, but as always in such cases, this post is useless without pictures :)

Scott said...

Indeed, I agree with you, but alas, I have no digital camera to provide such.


I will read with much interest the account of your recent excursion into the purchase of a digital camera, however. I think this might be a good purchase for the wife :D