Friday, October 12, 2007

Swedish Nitwits and other Idiocy

The Paul W. Smith Show on WJR once again provides me with fodder for my blog. No, it isn't the spat between State Police Col. Munoz and Sheriff Bouchard (which was, by the way, disgraceful). In fact, Paul didn't even talk about these two items while I was listening this morning. I have to give credit to the news staff at WJR for these:

Item Number 1: Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize. This prize was once coveted as one of the highest honors anyone could get for their humanitarian or scientific work. If you were a Nobel prize winner, you were something!

Today, these Swedish knuckleheads have once again displayed their foolishness for all the world to see by naming AlGore, that well known purveyor of lies, disinformation, and junk science, the recipient of the formerly esteemed Peace Prize. This is how low the "scientific" community has sunk. It's no longer about science, or peace, or truth, or the enduring worth of someone's body of work. It's about giving the finger to anyone who doesn't toe the ideological line espoused by the Nobel committee. Ask Raymond Damadian. Never heard of him? Ever had an MRI? Then you know about his work.

Source 1
Source 2

So, you readers of my blog who are Nobel Prize recipients (I'm sure there are lots of you out there!), be aware that your awards have been stripped of all honor and integrity by these ignorant, vindictive Swedes.

Item Number 2: Michigan House of Representatives sends new helmet bill to Senate. In an apparent fit of pique at not getting every last percentage point of tax increase they wanted, the Michigan House has passed a bill that will allow motorcyclists to ride their machines without a helmet - if they pay the state $100 per year for the privilege.

So I guess now we have the "No Helmet" tax. No word on whether the Senate will relegate this foolishness do the nearest dustbin. Supposedly the Governess does not support this new tax. Yeah, right - she's a Democrat, she never met a tax she didn't like, or a new means of regulating everyone's behavior she didn't want to implement.

And just for the record, I oppose helmet laws as an unlawful and unnecessary infringement on the right of people to make their own choices for themselves. I'm not a motorcyclist, but if I were I would always wear a helmet when riding. That would be my choice.

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