Friday, May 21, 2010

To them, it's a 1300-year war

Why do the muslims hate us?

To hear the Obamaites (and even some Conservatives) tell it, it's because of our nation's unflagging support (until Jan. 2009) of Israel.  Or maybe our exploitation of them for their oil (how many petro-dollars have poured into thier little third-world stinkhole countries in the last 50 years again?)

What they don't seem to understand (probably because we don't teach history in the government schools any more) is that to the muslims this war has been going on since the seventh century AD, and that the whole world must come under the political and religious domination of Islam.

The government schools will tell you that the Crusades were a terrible thing that Christians should be ashamed of ever participating in or having associated with our faith.  While there were certainly atrocities committed in the name of Christ, what nobody ever talks about is why there were Crusades in the first place:  muslim expansion into eastern and southern Europe.  They never tell you that Spain was once invaded and mostly conquered by the muslims.  They never tell you it was invading muslims that Vlad the Impaler was impaling.  And do you ever hear about any of the atrocities committed by the muslims as they conquered their way toward Europe?

So let's not fool ourselves by thinking that if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone.  That may well be true for us, but their own religious and cultural history tells us what they will do.  This means you Ron Paul.  This means you, Chuck Baldwin.  This means you Obama (spit).

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