Monday, April 18, 2011

Monica Conyers wants to finish out her prison sentence at home

Former Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers wants to finsh out her prison sentence for bribery at home.

Now you might think I would be all indignant about this, given the arrogance and deceitfulness this woman has displayed over her time in public office, and I must admit that I did have these thoughts at first. But upon reflection, I think maybe Monica has come up with something here. Let me 'splain.

It is well known that Michigan has a fiscal problem, and there isn't as much money as there used to be for stuff like prisons, so perhaps as a cost cutting move, we can let felons like this just go home. Then we don't have to pay to feed and house them, and we don't need as many prison guards to watch over all these prisoners.

This could even be bumped up to the federal level. Let all those criminals go home! I'm sure they won't cause any problems for anyone, or commit any more crimes. They'll just go out and find jobs and become productive members of society.

Thanks, Monica! That's a really helpful idea in these days of governmental money problems!

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