Monday, May 22, 2017

My Little Girl has Graduated

Yes, this is a proud parent post. 

We had my daughter's Senior Recital and Open House this weekend, and it was wonderful.  She is a terrific flute player, and it showed.  Here are a few pictures.

First up, just Lauren-

Next, with her friend Allison.  Who wrote the piece they played.  And is getting some notice from people who know about such things.  And who is going to Interlochen this summer to study composition.  And she just gave it to Lauren, and played it with her.  Yes, I'm bragging on her too, because she is all this and just as nice as can be.  I'm glad Lauren has friends like you, Allison!

And finally, Lauren's private teacher, Dr. Tess Miller.  We're very grateful to her and all the work she has done with Lauren - both musically and personally.  If you are looking for a flute instructor, you can't go wrong with Dr. Miller.

I have some video coming, and I'll post that when I can.

Lauren - you have become a very lovely young woman, and I love you dearly.   Can't wait to see what your life has in store for you.

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