Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gary Sheffield (Again)

Well, I'm turning into a sports blogger!

Now the whiner in chief on the Tigers weighs in again: Gary Sheffield is not happy being DH.

When you came here, Gary, you knew it was to be DH. Your body can't take playing defense every day, and you have proved that over your season and a half in Detroit. Every time you play defense, you hurt yourself, and when you are hurt you are worthless.

But let me say this too: I'm not happy with you being DH either. You are hitting .219 for the year. You are hitting .225 for the last 30 days. So even as a DH you aren't contributing. If you were holding up your end, maybe you would have grounds to complain, but Brandon Inge is the only regular player that is hitting worse than you for the season. Even Rentaria is hitting better than you.

Jim Leyland needs to sit you down Gary. There are others who are producing, and you are not. At this point in the season, we can't afford the dead wood.

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