Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Must be the tears and wailing over the Sandy Hook shooter have rusted the iron spine Gov. Snyder showed last week when facing down the labor unions, because today he completely caved in to the Gun Banners on CPL reform.

I didn't want to believe it when others on my side of this issue were wishing Jennifer Granholm was still Governor, but I have to admit, she was better at signing pro-gun legislation than the Governor we have now.

Gov. Snyder - as of today you are just another politician who won't listen to common sense and sound reason.  There is only one way you get my vote next time around:  Get with Sen. Green, write a better bill (this one had some real malodorous parts), and get it passed by June.  Here is what it must do:

  1. Eliminate County Gun Boards.  Most of us wanted the Secretary of State to be the issuing authority for CPL's, but would accept Sheriffs being the issuing authority.  The bill you just vetoed had some good provisions to keep anti-gun sheriffs in line and should be included.
  2. Eliminate Gun-Free Zones.  As Sandy Hook proved yet again, Gun-free zones only increase the body count.  Compare Sandy Hook to New Life Church and see what a difference a good guy (or in that case, woman) with a gun and the will to use it will make.  Schools, Hospitals, Sports Arenas - all of them - no longer prohibited.  There is no reason to require extra training or extra anything.  CPL holders in Michigan have proven themselves to be levelheaded and serious about the responsibility we take on when we carry that gun.  Extra training is superfluous.
  3. Make it clear that Private Property rights will be maintained.  If a church or business or person wants to prohibit firearms on their property that is their right.  But there should be no opt-outs for schools or other public entities.  If you get state or local funding, you may not prohibit the carrying of firearms.
  4. Make it clear that State preemption laws apply to MSU, UM, and Wayne State University.  They don't get to supersede state law.
  5. Leave open carry alone.  If nothing else, it is what protects you if the wind blows your cover garment up and people see your pistol and call police, who then hassle you about your pistol and threaten to charge you with brandishing.
  6. Eliminate the Permit to Purchase and the resulting pistol registration.
And one more thing, which can't be written into law but should be written in your mind every day:  Stop listening to whining bedwetters who go into a panic whenever something bad happens and immediately want to ban guns.  The problem is not guns - the problem is evil.  And at some point evil needs to be addressed forcefully.

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Aaron said...

Yep, spineless would be the most favorable word for him at the moment.