Friday, December 07, 2012

The Irony of Right-To-Work in Michigan

Isn't it ironic that the party who loudly champions "choice" when it suits their purposes ("a woman's right to choose" or "lifestyle choice") is so loudly against choice when it doesn't suit their purposes (right-to-work)?

It would seem they are only for choice when you make the choices they allow you to make.  God forbid you should make choices they don't want you to make. 

Just for the record, I am a 23 year member of one of the largest unions in the country, the NEA.  And if this legislation passes, I will be first in line with my resignation from that vile, disgusting organization.


Aaron said...

Yep, you've identified quite the irony indeed. They're pro-choice - as long as it's their choice or you completely agree with their choice!

Scott said...

Maybe I should make up some buttons and signs to sell downtown.

"Keep your hands off my right to choose"
"I'm a pro-choice conservative"

...and so on.

Murphy's Law said...

100% out of the park home run hit.