Sunday, August 04, 2019

A Baseball Posting Retrospective

Looking back over some old posts and was mildly amused at some of my baseball predictions/suggestions for the Tigers from 2 years ago.  Here they are again with some new comments inserted

Position Players
Shows how much I know!  The only one of these position players left on the team is Cabrera, and he's still a singles hitter.  And it's not his back that is the problem, it's his knees.  He's now the full time DH.
Mahtook, CF.  He's played way above expectations and deserves to return as the starter next year.
Cabrera, 1B.  You have to keep him because of his contract, but confound it Miggy, you have to find a way to get your back fixed this offseason.
McCann, C. Still developing, and playing better of late.  Best of the bunch between Hicks and Holaday.
Romine, OF/IF.  Fills the role that Don Kelly used to, only he hits a lot better.  Useful guy.
Upton, LF.  If he wants to stay, keep him.  He's been the most consistent hitter on the team since last August.

Kinsler, 2B.  If you can get something for him, do it.  Seems to have hit the age barrier and performance seems to be declining.
Castellanos, 3B.  Defense has regressed, probably better at first base going forward, but unless Cabrera moves to DH, it won't be in Detroit that this happens.
Iglesias, SS.  Machado seems to be ready to go here, and is a lot cheaper.  Get what you can.

Fence Guys:
Assorted pieces and parts, keep or package as needed for depth or prospects.
Adduci, Pressley.

V. Martinez, DH.  God bless him, he's been a great Tiger and a great hitter, but the legs are gone and he's just a singles hitter now.  The shift has been his downfall.  Give him a coaching job, make him a scout, or put him in the front office, but his body has given out on him.


Another washout of my predictive powers.  Zimmerman, Norris, and Boyd are still in the rotation.  Stumpf is still around too, I think. Jiminez is still around, and is the new closer until his inconsistencies force Gardenhire to try someone else.  Buck Farmer is my bet-he has pitched surprisingly well lately.  Fulmer had Tommy John and won't be back pitching in the majors for another year, realistically.
Fulmer, SP.  New #1 guy, someone you build a staff around.  Only trade for multiple spectacular players.
Saupold, RP.  Found his niche as a long man and has done really well this year.
Greene, RP.  Only thing resembling a closer on the roster right now.  Eventually the closer will be Jiminez, but not yet.
Jiminez, RP.  Just needs to pitch in the bigs.  Nothing left to prove in the minors.
Zimmerman, SP.  Going nowhere because of the money he is owed, but he needs to find himself next year.
Norris, SP.  Another guy that needs to find himself, but too much talent to let go of.
Boyd, SP.  Just needs to pitch in the bigs.  Probably a 3rd or 4th starter long-term.
Bell, RP.  Another guy who is doing well in the long relief role
Stumpf, RP.  Has shown some progress since returning from the minors.

On the Fence:
Rondon, RP.  Big arm, no maturity.  Has to show up to camp in shape and ready to rock or he gets cut.
Wilson, RP.  Another guy who needs to find himself.  Still has potential.
Verlander, SP.  Never thought this day would come, but he deserves to go to a contender and get a championship.  I just hope it isn't the Yankees he goes to.  Must bring a big haul of prospects wherever he goes.

Sanchez, SP.  Whatever he may have found earlier, he has lost again.  Time to let him go.

The other thing I talked about back then was the need for a new manager, and I was dead on with that one at least.  Brad Ausmus is back managing in the majors after taking a year off, and he's just as bad with the Angels as he was with the Tigers.  The Angels lost 2 of 3 to the Tigers, who hadn't won a series since May.  And this after getting swept by Baltimore - another team stinking up the American League this year.  I watched one of the Tigers games with the Angels last week, and they looked as uninspired as the Tigers did when Ausmus was managing them.  So I look for that experiment to end by the end of the season.

The Tigers new manager, however, is terrific!   Love Ron Gardenhire!  Keep him on, because when your teams get good again you're going to want someone like him managing the team.  Meanwhile, he's doing a good of a job as can be expected given the team full of Triple-A imports, aging veterans, and guys looking to start over because they sucked somewhere else.

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