Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What do you think she'll do?

Article from The Detroit News
reporting on our esteemed Governess and her budget report.

She was also heard on WJR radio on The Paul W. Smith Show discussing these numbers. Here is a summation of her comments, with some interjections by, well, me:

Well, we have a lot of job losses, and the automakers aren't doing very good, and our sales tax receipts are down because people aren't buying as much, so we have this big budget shortfall of between one and three billion dollars.
So, state income is down because so many are out of work and aren't spending as much. OK, I'm with you so far. So, madam Governess, what are you proposing to solve this dilemma?

I have no problem making cuts - I've had to do that before and I'll do it again.
Good, good. Now we're getting somewhere. What next?

Tax increases are also on the table. We may have to do that to pay for all these government services people need.
I knew it was too good to be true! You almost had it going! But instead, you revert to your socialist ideology, well-proven to lead to an exacerbation of the kinds of problems facing Michigan. Government is the solution to every problem, if only you'll give it more of your money - yeah, that's the ticket! The ticket to economic and social oblivion!

I'd just like to ask you this, madam Governess: All those laid-off autoworkers you're so concerned about, those hard working people that have been given their pink slip and aren't able to find any work in Michigan because of the continuing single-state recession - where are they supposed to get the money to pay your income tax hike? What about those other hard-working folks who still have a job but are just getting by as it is now. What are they going to do to pay your tax? There aren't enough rich people for you to soak anymore - they have all left for other states that don't tax them as heavily as Michigan does.

Michigan, you voted for this woman and now you are reaping what you have sown. Hope you like it.

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